How to Help Your Child Achieve Academic Success in the New School Year

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Now that the school year is nearing its start, it is time to learn how to help your child achieve the highest level of academic success possible. Their in-school success is dependent upon a multitude of factors.

The school, the curriculum of that educational institution, the teacher, and having access to educational resources are all vitally important. What’s more important is your involvement in the overall process behind their education.

In this guide, you will learn the steps that will help your child become their very best in the classroom. These steps will place you at the forefront of their academic success.

Step #1: Enlist the Assistance of an Academic Coach

The first step that you should take to ensure a successful school year is to hire a professional academic coach. These educational professionals work to provide one-on-one, customized support for your child.

Instead of providing a general curriculum and study plan that is appropriate for the grade level, they will work directly with your child to determine their strengths and weaknesses. They will then create a tutoring program that will build upon that which they are strong in and transition their weaknesses into strengths.


Step #2: Develop a Relationship with Teachers

It does not matter if your child has one teacher or several; as a parent, you should work to establish a relationship with all of those individuals that help in educating your child.

As your relationship strengthens, you will find that you develop a partnership that includes the best interests of your child.

Together, you can create an action plan that will reconnect your child to their school, their teachers, and the lessons in which they are presented.

Step #3: Have a Learning Assessment Performed

One of the best methods for discovering where a child needs a boost in school is to have a learning assessment performed. This will help an educator determine which skills have been retained and which skills need reinforcement.

In most instances, a professional academic coach/ tutoring professional will be able to administer this test to your child.

They will then interpret the results and create a fully customized teaching plan that will cater to your child’s individual academic needs.

We Can Help

If you want to give your child a boost for the new school year, we here at Miracle Math can help with the process. We have a strong team of academic coaches that will work directly with your child and help fill in the learning gaps that they are experiencing.

Furthermore, we can help to bring you and the school together so that a team is created to support and motivate your child. We offer a multitude of tools and resources that are sure to benefit every aspect of your child’s success in school.

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