Transform your Child’s Learning Now with 1:1 Individualized Support

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Parents: Miracle Math Coaching has transformed the academic experience for hundreds of Solano County students. Your child could be next. Enroll with Miracle Math, and give your son or daughter access to an exclusive system of one-on-one individualized support.

Our experienced coaching professionals use a brain-centered method that has revolutionized traditional learning. And it’s proven to get results. Let Miracle Math transform your child’s academic experience. We’ll accelerate their learning and ignite a brand new interest in school. We do this by:
  • Establishing a partnership with classroom teacher(s)
  • Identifying a clear plan of action, based on the assessment, to engage and improve your child’s connections to learning.
  • Diversifying their learning experiences to meet their active learning needs.
  • Ensuring they are thinking critically and successfully processing new information.
  • Analyzing your child’s school history to better understand their past academic experience, and identifying opportunities to help close future achievement gaps.
  • Improving their cognitive (thinking) skills to enhance their ability to focus, retain and process information faster.

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