Mathematics is now considered to be one of the most important subjects of the educational system. As innovation and technological advancements continue to increase in our world, the demand for math-based knowledge also increases. We must make certain that our kids have the skills that are necessary to succeed in the subject.

It should not stop there, though. Our kids should also be encouraged to take an avid interest in mathematics. The subject should excite them. The subject should be enjoyable. It should encourage them!

Last week, you learned three strategies that will help in improving your child’s math skills. Those techniques were to aid in the development of the understanding of mathematical concepts, to develop and display a positive attitude towards math, and to encourage your child to become a problem solver. This week, we continue and conclude this series with three additional strategies.

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4. Encourage Mathematical Communication
If you have a desire to improve your child’s math skills, you should encourage mathematical communication. A focus should be placed on the language associated with the subjects, symbols, numbers, and charts in explanations. Children should not be encouraged to just give an answer to a problem; instead, they should be encouraged to explain how they came to that solution.

5. Work to Improve Your Child’s Math-Based Reasoning Ability
Mathematical-based reasoning ability is the method of thinking in a logical fashion. It is having the capability of seeing both similarities and differences. It is the ability to take what is similar and what is different and thinking about the relationship of those things and making choices based on those things. By taking this step, your child’s thought processes will be drastically enhanced.

6. Inform Your Child That Problems May Be Solved in Multiple Ways
The sixth and final strategy for improving your child’s math skills is to inform them that math problems may be solved in different ways. Yes, most math-based problems only have one answer; however, there are – typically – many different ways to get to the point where you have that answer.

Math is more than just coming to an answer. It is about improving the process of solving the problems that are introduced. Once the process is initiated, it is about applying facts, figures, and rules in order to come to an answer. If a child knows that there is more than one way to solve a problem, they will approach the subject with more interest.

As you can see, there are many strategies to improving a child’s skills in mathematics. In this two-part series, you have been introduced to the six top techniques.

These are to aid in the development of the understanding of mathematical concepts, develop and display a positive attitude towards math, encourage your child to become a problem solver, encourage mathematical communication, work to improve your child’s math-based reasoning ability, and inform your child that problems may be solved in multiple ways.

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