miracle math coaching helps struggling students

Miracle Math Coaching Offers a REAL Response for Struggling Students

If you have a child that is struggling with their academic coursework, you are probably no stranger to the Response to Intervention that is commonly offered at various types of schools. This is a multi-tier educational approach that focuses on identifying and supporting kids that have unique learning needs and/or behavior needs.

Those students that are found to struggle academically are directly provided with general interventions. These are designed to be provided to the child at various degrees of intensity in order to properly accelerate their learning speed.

While the purpose and intent of the program is to closely monitor and assess the learning ability and speed of the child, most schools are so limited in budgeting and staffing that the child is almost nearly always likely to fall by the wayside.

Miracle Math Coaching Offers a REAL Response to Intervention for Struggling Students

If you want a REAL Response to Intervention,  Miracle Math Coaching has programs to help.

This coaching program WILL customize a plan for your child, closely monitor your child’s progression, and will increase the intensity of their services based on your child’s individual level of understanding.

Miracle Math Coaching focuses on the early detection, the prevention, and putting a support system into place that not only identifies struggling students, but, focuses on assisting those students before they fall too far behind in mathematics.

It is no secret that the low level of achievement in math is now a matter that is of national concern in the United States.

Miracle Math Coaching starts by screening students to determine their efficiencies in math, as well as their weaknesses. We then outline a comprehensive, high-quality instruction program that builds on strengths, while improving deficiencies.

The program evaluates test scores, classroom performance, and various other measures associated with the progress of the child to determine how the child learns and what may be done to aid in the mastery of math skills.

As the child advances in their understanding of mathematical skills and concepts, more focused interventions are put into place to ensure the continued success of the child.

In addition to focusing on interventions that aid struggling students in mathematics, Miracle Math Coaching places a special emphasis on providing students with the soft skills that are needed to succeed in all levels of academics.

Examples of these skills include communication, time management, self-esteem, and study skills. The professionals that work with the students pride themselves on successfully giving each student the skills that they require to be life-long learners that are highly successful in all areas of their life.

The program uses what is called the “Brain-Based Curriculum”.

This curriculum places a focus on the actual science associated with how the brain actually absorbs the knowledge that is necessary to achieve academic understanding and success.

Once the program determines how your child processes the information in which they are presented, the coaching is tailored to your child.

This is not a general Response to Intervention as the school system has in place. This is a truly productive Response to Intervention that will lead to the highest level of success for your child!

For more information: http://miraclemathcoaching.com/

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