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Apps to Train the Brain

Each day, individuals from all areas of the world frequent the gym in order to achieve optimal fitness levels. While physical exercise is important for fitness, there is one body part we forget to work out. That is the brain. These apps can help train your brain, especially if you’re struggling in math.

apps for brain


While considered to be a brain training software program for adults, many parents and guardians have found that the interactive puzzles offered through Lumosity is highly effective for teenagers – especially those in high school.

This free app offers a wide assortment of games that are designed to optimize one’s critical thinking skills, increase the ability to solve problems, and increase the memory. Lumosity includes daily brain exercises, a specially-designed variety of workout modes, insights on brain training, and even information on mindfulness. In a chaotic world that focuses on academics that require teens to memorize rather than learn, this is an ideal solution.


If you are in search of a brain training program that will enhance your child’s attention span, communication skills, the speed in which they process information, their memory, their skills in math, and other subjects, Elevate is the perfect option. This tool creates personalized training that adjusts as your child works through the activities. It includes numerous brain games, tracks performance, and offers motivation, throughout.


If your child enjoys video games, they will thoroughly enjoy MindSparke. This tool incorporates video games in the brain training in order to improve academic performance, impulse control, overall IQ, and test-taking skills. Additionally, it offers meditation techniques that help in focusing and relaxation.

Academic Coaching

In addition to the apps and tools outlined, you can also incorporate academic coaching into your child’s regimen. We here at Miracle Math Coaching believe in neuroplasticity and training the brain for success. We know and understand that no two brains are alike. As a result, we customize the curriculum for your child – based on their strengths, weaknesses, and needs. If you are trying to help your child take their success to the next level, we can help!

In terms of mathematics, we offer elementary school math, math for middle schoolers, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and more! We can also help in the area of college preparation, preparing for certain types of educational assessments, the ASVAB test, the GED, and other areas that are similar in nature.

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