Brain Teaser: How Well Can you Navigate the Miracle Math Coaching Website?

MMC logo

Whether you’re a long-time fan, part of our family or new to Miracle Math, see if you can figure out the answer to this puzzler.

The website has eight menu headings (Home, About Us, Workshops, etc.)  Click on each page and add the first two numbers you see (You can’t use a magnifying glass, and time stamps on videos don’t count).

Include numbers written out, such as “seven” or “three.”

Here’s an example: on the home page, the answer is 11, which is equal to the 1 in front of the “Start Here” plus 10 in the News10 ABC logo.

Do the same for each of the eight menu headings and add together the eight answers.

Give us your answer in the comments.  We’ll provide the correct number on Monday!

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