Nike by the Numbers


Each year, Deanna Hurn raises money for blood cancer research as a tribute to her Uncle Jestell, who passed away, and her Aunt Rhonda, who is a lymphoma cancer survivor. So what’s the Math behind Miracle Math Numbers Queen Deanna Hurn’s participation in The Nike Tour?  See below. (And if you have friends or relatives who want to sharpen their own Math skills, send them the link to sign  up with us.)

Nike by the Numbers

$5,000: Amount raised by Deanna after completing two half marathons (13 miles each)

25: the number of years runners have pounded the pavement to raise money through the Nike Women’s Marathon (NWM).

600,000: the number of volunteers who’ve participated over the years.

$1 billion: the amount of money volunteers have raised so far.


And we didn’t forget.  The answer too Friday’s Brain Teaser is 9,935.

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