5 Fun Facts about Miracle Math Coaching Founder and Managing Director Deanna Hurn


You probably know that Deanna Hurn runs the most awesome academic coaching service around, but do you know that Deanna…

1) Worked for an insurance company as an Actuary before starting Miracle Math Coaching. An Actuary is a professional who uses Math and Statistics to analyze risk.

2) Started Miracle Math Coaching out of a classroom she organized in her house.

3) Married her high school sweetheart, Diondre. They have three beautiful daughters – Ramiyah, Sariah and Ariella.

4) Completed two Nike half marathons (that’s 13 miles each!), raising more than $5,000 for “Team-in-Training” to help find a cure for cancer. She ran in honor of her Uncle Jestell, who passed away, and her Aunt Rhonda, who is a lymphoma cancer survivor.

5) Has a favorite saying she uses to encourage students to pursue their dreams: “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you must get started to be great.”


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