Even High School Grads aren’t Immune to the “Summer Slide”

graduationA recent study by Georgetown University shows that high school graduates will earn $400,000 more in their lifetime than high school drop outs.  And college graduates will earn even more, almost twice as much as high school graduates.

That’s good news for students planning to go to college.  But beware:  graduates can also lose their academic edge from the “Summer Slide.”  To get off to the right foot in the fall, begin preparing now.  Here are two ways to start –

1)      Brush up on subjects you haven’t quite mastered.  Summer is a good time to get tutoring and put in some extra studying for topics that you want to understand better.   Take a class, find a tutoring service (like the Miracle Math Coaching Center) or find a friend who’s willing to help you.

2)      Get to know your college or university.  Spend time on campus, if possible, talk to current students (the admissions office can help you connect with students) and check for summer programs specifically for students who will be new in the fall.

Finally, learn more about the Miracle Math Coaching Center’s summer camps, which can prepare you for your upcoming freshman year.  Visit us here.

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