finishing the school year strong

Finishing Out the School Year Strong

As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are raising capable and responsible learners. Our children must persist and excel in order to obtain the skills and knowledge that is needed to achieve success as adults. They must learn to work smart, not hard. They must be able to push through – despite distractions.

Children must be encouraged to acquire a love and appreciation for all academic subjects in which they are presented within the classroom – be it art, music, English, or mathematics. We must educate our children to the point that – while a typical school year only lasts 180 days – learning is an ongoing process that must be pursued, even on the weekends, on school holidays, and throughout summer break. If our children know these points and are encouraged on these points, they will finish out the school year very strong. Throughout this brief guide, we will present various other strategies that will also aid in the endeavor of a strong school-year finish.

Set an Example

We all know that children learn by the examples that are set for them. It is not at all uncommon for a child to adopt and reflect the same attitudes of those adults in which they spend the most time with. For example, if you express a strong verbal desire for the summer to arrive and the school year to end, it is quite likely that your child will also develop that very same mindset. While in the presence of your child, it is imperative to ensure that you talk positively about school, show an appreciation for the lessons, and seem highly interested in the homework and assignments that they have. If your child believes that school and the process of learning are highly valued by those around them, they, too, will highly value school and the process of learning.

Routines Are Essential

In order to finish the school year strong, it is important to ensure that you establish a routine for your child. The longer, warmer days full of sunshine may make it difficult for a child to have a desire to practice skills and concepts or go to bed on time; however, these are two very important tasks that should be continued even though school will be out for the summer. Additionally, children should be encouraged to read for a certain amount of time each day, practice the math skills that they have learned, and they should be exposed to new learning material.

Celebrate Success

The end of the school year is more than just a time to relax and look forward to carefree days. It is a time to celebrate success. Throughout the 180 days that your child attended school, they acquired a vast amount of knowledge. They learned new skills, grasped new concepts, and have obtained a higher level of knowledge. To finish out the school year strong, you must celebrate these successes. In doing so, your child will have a higher level of appreciation for their education and will be more willing to invest time and effort into their learning.

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