Here’s An Easy Way to Support Your Child’s Education

By Deanna Hurn, Founder and Executive Director of Miracle Math

What do the following have to do with getting good grades?

  • Your son or daughter rocking out to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” on the radio.
  • Your family cheering as 49ner quarterback Blaine Gabbert’s throws a 40-yard touchdown pass.
  • A swarm of honeybees building a new beehive in a Discovery Channel documentary.

Football, Bieber, bees and grades?

Yep.  Each scenario is an example of how success – especially in school – depends on assembling a team.
Let’s start with the obvious. Gabbert is a 49ner.  Even if you’re not a football fan, you know his teammates are critical to winning a game.  The person who plays the center position snaps Gabbert the ball, the wide receivers catch his throws and the running back runs the ball down the field.

Less obvious is Bieber.  Isn’t he a solo – meaning one guy – artist? He is, but he wouldn’t make a gazillion dollars each year without his team: co-songwriters, musicians, producers, sound engineers, marketing professionals, even clothes stylists and make-up artists.

As for building a hive, each bee takes on a very specific role: some search for pollen, while others act as guards, and still others build the structure.  Hives even have nurse bees who take care of the larvae to protect the next generation.

The bee example is closest to how parents can help their children do better in school.  In short, put together a team whose various members are experts in their own field.  I call the team  that helps me and my children, a “Village of Support.”

This team helps ease the burden of a super Mom who has learned to ask for help.  My daughters’ “Village of Support” includes:

  • Teachers to educate and nurture them in the classroom
  • Principals to ensure they’re learning in a safe, well-managed and organized environment
  • Academic Coaches to help them reach their full educational potential
  • Sports Coaches to help them reach their full athletic potential
  • Family Members to pitch in wherever needed
  • Other Parents for car-pooling, play dates and lots of advice, and
  • Church Members to provide spiritual guidance

I have the same insecurities some of you may have in raising your children.  My knowledge of neuroscience,  academic coaching and Math gives me the tools to help a child struggling in school.  But it doesn’t give me all the answers for supporting my three daughters.

That’s where our village comes in.

I shared my village of support for my girls.  Tell me who’s in your village?

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