Here’s what they’re saying about Miracle Math Coaching…

Miracle Math Coaching has helped hundreds of students improve their academic record.  Receiving the following testimonials lets us know how effective our strategies are:

Here’s what Mary Poe said she appreciated most about the academic coaching experience her son, Jack, received –

“What we liked most about the Miracle Math Coaching program was the ongoing partnership and regular contact and communication with my son’s classroom teachers. His teachers noticed a marked improvement and Jack raised his grades overall.”

And here’s another one….

Barbara Davis had this to say about her 14-year-old grandson Andrew Bradley’s participation in Miracle Math.

“I like the way the Miracle Math tutors connect and the way they explain the steps in solving Algebra.

I like the program because the focus is not just on Math but also providing knowledge of being successful in other school subjects.

And I like that Miracle Math offers forums that teach about life, leadership, scheduling of time and ways to learn.

And here’s one last pat on the back…

According to Alijahnae Lockett, a freshman at Cal State University at Sacramento: “Miracle Math helped in many ways, but it especially helped me realize you can’t put off stuff to the last minute. Put your all into it, and do it right the first time.”

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