How to Stay Fresh on Mathematical Concepts and Enjoy Holiday Breaks

Learning how to keep your child fresh on mathematical concepts while enjoying the holiday breaks that they are provided throughout the school year may prove to be a challenging endeavor; however, we here at Miracle Math Coaching have several unique ideas that will aid you in this task. It is easy for kids to get away from all that they have learned in school while on break. It is not at all uncommon for children to get sidetracked while playing with their friends, having less-restrictive access to the television, and engaging in video game play. By combining a bit of creative ingenuity and a bit of careful planning, you will discover that holiday breaks may prove to be an excellent time to build on mathematical skills, expand the mind, and explore new activities and hobbies.

Step Outside the Box and Into the Realm of Exciting Adventures
When your child is in school, they mostly learn from textbooks, worksheets, overheads, and discussions. This is simply a standard method of learning that schools utilize in order to optimize the amount of educational time that students have. As a parent, you do not have to stick to this standard regimen. Holiday breaks are simply unstructured blocks of time that may be used creatively in order to ensure that your child stays fresh in their academics; particularly, mathematics. The most important step to getting outside the box and stepping into the realm of exciting adventures is to teach your child that learning is a fun activity that not only occurs in school, but, may occur anywhere, at any time. Continue reading for exciting ways to keep your child fresh in math while enjoying their holiday breaks from school.

Play Monopoly
Believe it or not, playing the ever-popular board game, Monopoly, is a wonderful way for a child to stay on top of their math skills while enjoying holiday breaks. This game provides each player with a specific amount of money to cover expenses and invest throughout the game. This aids in teaching a child how to budget and how to spend in a wise manner. This particular board game is highly effective in encouraging kids to think strategically. Furthermore, it expounds on probability concepts. Additionally, kids that play Monopoly will learn about real-life applications such as the values associated with mortgages, experiencing a return on an investment, and how to calculate such things as property taxes and assets.

It is a known fact that math is present in every single kitchen – especially on all of those holiday recipe cards. If you want to keep your child fresh over the holidays, get them cooking! They will learn about conversions, fractions, liquid measurements, weight, cost, and other similar mathematical concepts while learning an important life skill!

Math Tutoring Services
Last, but certainly not least, math tutoring services will aid in keeping your child’s mathematical skills fresh over the holiday breaks. We here at Miracle Math Coaching offer a large assortment of tutoring services and programs that are designed to provide your child with the competitive edge that they need to stay on top of their academics. Not only will these services help in solidifying understanding of mathematical concepts, but, they will also aid in improving their overall academic performance. For more information, simply click HERE.

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