MMC Testimonial: Jack

Feedback from Jack’s mother:

My son, Jack, had problems in retaining information read and expressing himself well in writing.   His teachers felt that he was not putting in the effort to understand the questions and expanding upon what was being asked.

Before entering the program, Jack was earning a C in English.  In the very first semester of being in the Miracle Math Coaching program, Jack brought his English grade up a full better grade, to a B!

In the year that he has been in the program, his teachers have noticed a marked improvement and Jack has raised his grades overall,m not just in Math.  Jack is now more expressive in responding to writing prompts.

What we liked most about the Miracle Math Coaching program was the ongoing partnership with my son’s classroom teachers. One thing that differentiates Miracle Math Coaching from other tutoring services is the regular communication and contact with classroom teachers.

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