Have You Given Up, Mom?

Living with or attempting to teach a kid that has difficulties in thinking in terms of numbers and mathematical concepts may prove to be a challenging and emotionally-charged experience – even for the most loving and patient of all moms. Have you attempted to harness your child’s ability to grasp math concepts, only to end up in total failure? Is there a high level of tension between your kid’s teacher and you when it comes to conversations about what your child needs? Have you pulled out every type of trick in the book in order to get your child passionate about numbers and mathematical concepts? Have you given up, mom? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it is time to turn to Miracle Math Coaching because, at this point, only a miracle will turn this situation around!

How Will Miracle Math Coaching Help?
If you are in need of a miracle, Miracle Math Coaching is the only program that may help you and help your struggling child. Not only does this fantastic program help in improving your child’s understanding of mathematical concepts and skills, but, it provides an instant boost to their grades and their overall academic achievement, too! The following outlines just a few of the steps that will be taken by the coaches to determine your child’s needs and to get them on track:

  • A mathematical profile will be conducted. This evaluates the knowledge that your child possesses and aids in determining there the breakdown of understanding is occurring.
  • Your child’s academic strengths and academic weaknesses will be analyzed. This information, in turn, will be used to enhance their math skills and increase their motivation in math.
  • A personalized instructional program will be created that is designed to address the specific needs that your child has.
  • Your child’s emotional reaction to math will be evaluated. If it is found that your child experiences fear or any type of math anxiety, they will be dealt with immediately. This way, when the instructional model is put into place, the child will be open and receptive to the skills and concepts that are being presented and taught.
  • You will be instructed, as a parent, how to enhance a child’s understanding of core math skills and concepts by using concrete objects. You will also be presented with specialized materials and unique ideas that will actually appeal to your child and help in making math fun for everyone.

As parents, we often feel as if we are bound by the rules and restrictions surrounding a compulsory curriculum that is currently being offered at the school where our child attends; however, at times, you must break away from the common mold in order to discover how your child learns, what motivates your child to learn, and fun and creative ways to get their attention. If you are ready to give up, mom, there is still hope. You have probably wished for or prayed for a miracle, right? Click HERE to uncover the only miracle that you will need!

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