young people acting as a team of support

Important Steps to Learning Success

One of the greatest truths in learning is that none of us are as smart as all of us combined.

young people acting as a team of support

The unity of a team develops each person’s full potential and learning capacity. Success isn’t achieved by a single individual. It requires a team that perpetuates learning outside of the classroom as well as in it. As educators, parents and friends, how can we discover how children learn, the optimum way of training each brain, and clear the path so each child’s brain absorbs the knowledge introduced with each experience?

Importance of a Village

Underachievement and lack of enthusiasm get in the way of learning. It takes a village to fan the desire to do amazing things while reaching for the stars. Besides the family, the village group is made up of educators, tutors and other people who want to be part of the team that designs an ambitious, yet achievable, plan to fill a child’s academic gaps. Plans satisfy the cognitive structure, or schema cloud, children use to organize things they are exposed to in everyday life. It is a significant influence in the way a child:

  • Acts
  • Views things
  • Observes
  • Interprets
  • Reacts

The schema cloud affects how the child assigns importance to each thing and impacts his or her decision-making process as it strengthens the pillar of learning.

Deanna Hurn, our founder, recently talked about this Village of Support in her weekly Miracle Minute. You can follow her weekly message by subscribing to the Miracle Math Channel on youtube.


Versatility of the Pillar

Educational pillars provide support and stability while learning about things like sports, music and math. Versatility offers the opportunity to understand previously confusing data when parents, tutors, and teachers accept that everyone learns differently. The three basic ways of learning are visual (sight), kinesthetic (touch), and auditory (hearing). Children are effectively reached once the type of learning they respond to is known. Strategies are developed to train their brain as connection is made with the child.

The team at Miracle Math Coaching know that motivation is a positive response from a person of any age who understands what’s being taught. We recognize that a child’s success is maximized when education is sought in and out of the classroom. It reflects the saying that none of us are as smart as all of us. We’re compelled to identify the ideal learning method for each child and show them how to use the steps to develop personal intellectual growth and academic success. Sharing the key to learning with others in the child’s village causes wonderful results!

Children thrive learn, and retain more when they are part of a team. After all, it is hard to confirm the accuracy of individual learning. Team environments provide socialization and improved skill in addition to advocating participation. An hour-long assessment to identify how a child learns prepares the way to expand the brain during each session.

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