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Learning Gaps. Is Your Child Learning it all?

So Much to Cover and So Little Time to Cover it

Children sometimes find themselves struggling in math simply because teachers have more to try to cover for a grade level than they have time for. On average, teachers are not able to cover about 30% of the material for the grade level they teach. This is because they only have a short amount of time each day with each class of students. Children who are caught in these learning gaps often are passed on to the next grade even though their math skills fall short.

These gaps in learning might go unnoticed unless a child transfers to a different school or even later when the child takes an SAT exam in preparation for entering college. When a child transfers from one school to another during the school year, the learning gap can become apparent because teachers in the new school may cover areas in math not covered in the old school.

You know your child is smart and this difference in the areas of math that are being taught has nothing to do with your child’s ability to learn. There is just some catching up to do. As a parent, you want your child to have the best possible education. Sometimes it isn’t enough to have good schools because of the learning gaps created by teacher not having enough time to cover all the material necessary for the grade level.

Maximizing Student Learning

You can eliminate the learning gaps though. Getting a math coach for your child will eliminate the gaps and help your child be prepared for any math challenges that school changes and SAT exams might present. Though starting your child with a math coach in the early grades is the best approach, it is never too late to start and see great results.

A good math coach will assess where your child is for her grade level and work with her in areas of learning gaps as well as areas of weakness. Areas of strength won’t be forgotten but will be reviewed and further strengthened. With regular coaching, your child will become more confident in her math skills and that can translate into more confidence in all her studies.

Finding a good math coach for your child is not difficult. At Miracle Math Coaching, you can find many excellent math coaches so rather than searching just to find one, you will have several to choose from. You will feel good about the coaching options presented to you.

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