Miracle Math Student Janiya Wins “Student of the Month”

I am always so very proud of my students.  When they do well, I realize that the hard work my staff, coaches and I is paying off.  Janiya is one of our amazing, hard-working students, and she’s been named “Student of the Month” at her school!”  Yeah!!! for Janiya. Here’s what her mother, La Tanya Terrones, wrote to me:

“I just wanted to share with you Janiya’s progress since joining Miracle Math. Today, for the first time ever I heard Janiya say, “This is a good book.” Before she started tutoring, getting her to read was like pulling teeth. Now it’s just a daily task. I can see that eventually she will completely enjoy reading and will  do it without being told.

The most improvement I see is the confidence she has in what she’s doing. Last year, she was barely passing any of her classroom tests, in every subject. Now she is averaging A’s and B’s on every test.

She is now a B average student, and only one C away from being on honor roll!

I know you always tell me to trust you and what you do. I trust you and your process, as it shows in Janiya’s progress. I’m very thankful for all that you and your staff do to assist Janiya and our family.”





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