MMC Testimonial: Andrew

Andrew, Age 14, Vacaville, 9th Grade 

Feedback from Parent:

Andrew was having some challenges in some of the areas of Algebra.  Miracle Math was recommended by one of our friends who attends our church.   His primary challenges were staying focused, motivation and applying the knowledge he gains.

His grades fluctuated between D and Cs.

After working with Miracle Math Coaching, he grasped more easily the steps in completion of his Algebra assignments.  He has learned how to set measurable goals, and he has learned how to gauge the time it takes to compete tasks.

What I liked best about the program was the way the tutors connect and the way they explain the steps in solving Algebra.  I like the program because the focus is not just on Math but also providing knowledge of being successful in other school subjects.

I also like the program because it offers forums that teach life, leadership, scheduling of time and ways to learn.

I hope he will put into practice the tools he has learned, that he will obtain his masters degree in a field that will leave him fulfilled and self sufficient, and that he will be humble and give back to those who struggle with the education system as he did.

I have much gratitude for the coaches and staff at Miracle Math!

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