MMC Testimonial – Elijah

Student: Elijah, Age 14, 9th Grade

Feedback from Elijah’s Parent…

I sought help from Miracle Math Coaching because I had home-schooled Elijah for 3 years and I saw firsthand his struggles with math.  Especially when he entered High School I knew that I was not the best fit to help him with Algebra.  I wanted to build a scholastic “village” around him, so professional tutoring was our next step.

Elijah really struggled to work independently.  He had a lot of gaps in his math basics, which is why larger concepts were especially hard.

Because he has needed to review and strengthen his foundation, his progress has been gradual and steady.  So far (in only 3 months’ time) he had improved 1 letter grade with more improvement on the horizon.

Elijah is now able to do some of his work on his own and feel confident.  I’d say this is the biggest improvement – his attitude toward his work.  Tutoring has eased the stress, frustration, and frankly, the helplessness he and I both felt at times reviewing his homework.  Now, when he hits a rough spot we know that help is on the way.

I love the family atmosphere.  It is clean, professional, and Elijah has a steady person he meets with who understands his specific needs.  For a student like Elijah, consistency is important, and he is receiving that at Miracle Math Coaching.

tutoring session

My desire for Elijah is simple: For nothing to impede his goals.  From something as simple as comparing sale prices in a grocery store or as rewarding as supporting his own family one day with his dream job, he will need math.  I want him to have a positive attitude toward math and be able to seize any opportunity that comes his way.

I’m very pleased with Miracle Math Coaching and would recommend the program to anyone!

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