MMC Testimonial: Sa’Naiyah

From Patrick, MMC’s Student Services Coordinator: Sa’Naiyah came in with a big grin on her face yesterday,  very excited to tell Julie about how her test scores had improved.

From Sa’Naiyah’s Mom:
My daughter was behind in math. I wanted her to become more confident in herself and her answers. She also needed better explanations in common core math which I know nothing about.  I’m thankful for Mrs. Julie and her understanding of math. Now my daughter has a better understanding in math and is actually liking it. Thank you Miracle Math Coaches!

Sa’Naiyah had trouble understanding math facts and multiplication before I enrolled her into the program.  She came into the program with a D in math and just in a little under a month she has raised her grade to a C.   She has became more confident in her answers and can work for longer periods of time without supervision.  I love that the hours are very flexible at Miracle Math Coaching, and my daughter is actually retaining what she has learned.   I would like for her to become an honor roll student and eventually a full ride scholarship to any school in the country.

Thank you so much you are greatly appreciated!

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