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Summer Activities For Kids: Keep Young Brains Working

Summertime. The scream heard round the world from every school age child and educator, and the tired sigh of every parent. Now, to find summer activities for kids so the little darlings to stay occupied and keep their minds from slipping. Here are a few ideas to keep the juices flowing.

Summer Reading

Many public libraries offer a summer reading course for kids that meets at least one day per week. Summer reading programs will often be broken up into various age groups and may even include a read at home “competition” to see who can read the most books before summer ends.

summer activities for kids

Summer Sports

Playing a sport may seem counter intuitive to inspiring the intellect, but there is no doubt regular exercise is good for mind and body. Not only do kids get to burn off pent up energy, they will also learn valuable life lessons in leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork.

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summer activities for kids gardeningLearn Together

Is there something you and your child have in common such as a love of plants, cooking, tinkering, art or building? Create a summer project such as compiling a recipe box, growing an herb garden or building a go-cart. Not only will they get to spend time with you, they will also learn valuable information along the way.

Skits and Performances

Do you have a budding writer on your hands? Perhaps you have a creative spirit growing up in your home. In either case, have them put together their very own play, you can assist with the dialogue and putting together a stage and then have family and friends over for “dinner and a movie” with an outdoor barbecue and skit.

Road Trip

Can you take a long weekend for a mini-road trip? Put their minds to work planning your adventure and getting everything ready. Search for someplace close you will all enjoy and if any way possible, make it educational. Even if you are headed to a local park, make it more interesting by learning about the history or construction.

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There are multiple ways to keep your child physically and mentally active during summer break. If you are still searching for a way to fill in the blanks this summer, consider Brain Based Summer Camp, Fairfield California.

This math based program offers instruction for four hours per day, two days per week as a way to prevent the summer slide and offer assistance to children who are otherwise struggling in math.

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