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Brain-Based Learning and Summer Fun

Summer is a specially-favored time for school-aged children and teenagers. Less obligation, and responsibility and more FUN! Swimming, camping, fishing, and just plain old rest and relaxation.

Despite all of the freedom and flexibility of summer, it is also a time where learning may ‘slide’ as a result of missing structure, schedules, and learning opportunities that guide it throughout the other times of the year.

Parents should understand that the summer months are bustling with activities that will stimulate a child’s brain and help them to experience success all year long.

Today, we will educate you on brain-based learning, summer fun, and provide a tip on how to combine both for the benefit of your child!

Brain-Based Learning

Brain-based learning refers to various types of teaching methods, educational programs, and lessons that are created based on the scientific evidence surrounding the learning process, cognitive development, and emotional growth.

This type of learning is geared towards the belief that learning, comprehension, and retention occurs at an accelerated pace if it is focused on the actual science associated with the way that the brain works, rather than on general standards and the past performance of students in a given grade level. It is stemmed on the conclusive evidence that the brain actually grows and changes as new skills and concepts are learned throughout life.

Numerous strategies abound surrounding brain-based learning. These are as follows:

  1.  The physical activities in which a child engages in is highly essential to the learning process.
  2.  Social conditions -such as the sense of reward, the sense of acceptance, and various types of good stress – directly influence the brain and the learning process.
  3.  The brain is constantly changing.
  4.  The learning process is enhanced in kids that are taught coping skills.
  5.  Each person learns in a unique way.
  6.  Educational material should be presented in small chunks in order to enhance the learning experience.

Brain-Based Learning Summer Camp

miraclemathcoaching - kids

How do you get a child to continue learning throughout the summer months? How do you help optimize the brain so that it comprehends and retains information? The answer is brain-based learning summer camp! We here at Miracle Math Coaching have created a fun and exciting summer adventure that will aid in preventing the common academic “summer slide” that children often experience.

Kids will be presented with an activities map that focuses on the enhancement of their schema cloud, real-world activities and/or games, problems to solve, empowerment exercises, several other brain-boosting activities.

If you want to ensure that your child stays on pace – academically -and has a wonderful start to the new school year, let us help!

Visit our Summer Camp Page

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