This is How a Math Tutor Can Put $500,000 in your Pocket

It’s all about that GPA.

Students with A’s are richer when they’re adults than students with B’s or C’s.   If you’re a girl with a 4.0 (A average) in high school, you will earn $525,000 more in your lifetime than a classmate with a 2.0 (C average).

If you’re a guy with an A average, you’ll earn $455,000 more than the student with a C average.

Researchers aren’t sure why women will earn more than men, but the study gives you half a million reasons to sign up for an academic coach or Math tutor before that next Common Core Math test.

According to a University of Miami study, a one-point increase in high school GPA raises annual adult earnings by about 14 percent for women and 12 percent for men.

And getting A’s isn’t rocket science (unless you’re taking a rocket science class 🙂 Otherwise, you just do the stuff that you already know to do – study hard, turn in your homework, and if you need help, get an academic coach or tutor.   Research shows that working with an academic coach WILL increase your grades.  And that’s money in the bank!

As an academic coach, I am passionate about helping students improve their grades.  Please call me at 707-398-3474, ext. 2700 to get started.  Or sign up for a free assessment.  Miracle Math Coaching is an award-winning, student-focused service with a track record of boosting academic achievement.



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