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Using a proven and productive way to teach math is only as good as the input that is retained. For too long, public school systems have worked with students that immediately catch on to the dynamics of mathematics while the rest of the class never grasps the concept. ‘I do not have enough time’ or ‘the student’s brain is unable to interpret’ are classic examples of how some young people are left without the needed knowledge of math.

Miracle Math Coaching staff looks at each student’s ability to process knowledge. This is done by pouring over records of current performance and noting where struggles might have begun. All students have a different level of interpretation and recognizing where the stumbling blocks occur is where coaching comes in.

The brain is a highly sensitive device that is unique to each human being. To some, accepting and applying the reasoning of a square root is like fitting a round peg in a square hole. Cognitive games can be used to aid in rewiring the brain into seeing a different approach and making the unknown more understandable.

school childrenConfidence Times Ten

Building on a student’s cognitive abilities is only part of the process that Miracle Math Coaching works on. Lack of confidence in the ability to achieve often plagues the mind with defeat. Restoring this faith can do wonders for moving ahead. Whether it be small steps of understanding or creating an atmosphere of hope, skilled coaches recognize the signs of repeated failure and work to create a ‘can do’ attitude.

Patience and Determination

The coaching received at Miracle Math does not only address simple math, but continues to work with each student in obtaining their goals in keeping up in school and moving toward a career that may require algebra, calculus, statistics or different equations. Moving toward a sought-after career takes a mixture of patience and determination. The one-on-one coaching by an one of the attentive team of math specialists will open doors that were often seen as closed.

Only someone that has struggled with metacognition can fully relate to the frustration and low self-worth that comes from failing at not only mathematics, but from the ability to learn, in general. Founder and executive director, Deanna Hurn, invites you to see the potential in your child and allow them the opportunity to go after skills by using Miracle Math Coaching. Through her failures and disappointments in mathematics, the code for learning has been cracked and offers hope for any student.


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