By Miracle Math Founder and Executive Director Deanna Hurn

Have you checked out all the pages of the the new and improved Miracle Math website yet? If not, bookmark this link and read on to see how the new website can help your student succeed!

It’s an even cooler site than before, with bigger, bolder photos; an inside scoop on our magic method of coaching; an easy-to-understand look at brain-based learning and a peek into my personal history and the events that motivated me to start Miracle Math.

Here are three ways the new Miracle Math Coaching website can help you:

1) See how your child learns differently than other children.  Under our current education system,  many of our  teachers lack the time and resources to reach students individually.  Consequently, many resort to relaying information to students as if they all learn the same way. Guess what? They don’t all learn the same. Knowing that is the first step to helping them succeed.

2) Learn how “neuroplasticity” can actually improve your student’s brain.  Yep, it’s a big, scary sounding word, but forget how it sounds.  Think of it as a process that allows your child to become better organized, more focused and sharper in class.  There’s even a simple animated video to break it down.

3) Understand how my personal failure in high school led to my eventual success.  It’s kind of like the story about Michael Jordan – one of the most celebrated players in the National Basketball Association – getting kicked off the high school basketball team.  (My story is especially reassuring for  parents who worry about their students’ poor performance.)

We’re proud of the new Miracle Math Coaching website, and we hope you find it useful.  It gives you a good feel for the services we provide and why we provide them.  And it shows how successful Miracle Math Coaching has been in helping hundreds of children and adults get better grades and become better students.

If you want your child (or yourself) to be among our success stories, start with  our FREE Discovery Process. There’s absolutely no obligation, and it is absolutely FREE.   Call Miracle Math  at 707-398-3474 or click here to sign up now.  Miracle Math Coaching is an award-winning, student-focused service with a track record of boosting academic achievement.

Finally, we’d love your feedback about the website.  Please #MiracleMathCoaching #ProblemSolved on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let us know what you think!

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