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Academic Assessments: Insights to Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses

As we have mentioned several times throughout our blog, it is important to build a village of solid support when it comes to your child’s education. Academic Assessments can help. We all have an idea of where our kids stand when it comes to their strengths and their weaknesses; however, any professional educator and academic coach will express that it is best to obtain a “second opinion” on those strengths and weaknesses.

One of the most productive options when it comes to obtaining this second opinion is an academic assessment. Not only will these assessments accurately inform you of what your child already knows, but, it will also provide information on the learning gaps that your child is currently experiencing.

By having your child take an academic assessment, you will be able to play a more active role in making certain that your kid is getting the academic support that they need to achieve success throughout the school year.

What are Academic Assessments?

As a standard, the word “assessment” describes an ongoing process that is designed to gain and understanding of the performance of a student and to improve that performance.

An academic assessment systematically gathers, analyzes, and provides solid interpretive evidence that determines how well a child’s performance matches the outlined expectations and specific standards, as outlined by the educational system in which the child is a part.

The resulting information from such assessments help to document, to explain in detail, and to improve academic performance.

These tests are not used to evaluate an educational facility, teachers, or educational courses. These examinations are used to measure a student’s progress against the expectations and standards of educational facilities, teachers, and courses.

High Expectations Lead to Exceptional Results

Parents, educational coaches, and schools that have high expectations for students will find that those students experience a high rate of academic success; however, that is ONLY if those students receive the support that is recommended and necessary to achieve those expectations.

When we set high expectations and provide our kids with what they need, the results will be magnificent! Students will work harder and aim a lot higher when they know that we believe in them. In turn, they start to believe in themselves. They start looking forward to the future.

If we support our kids and respect them and their individual skills, they will have a positive outlook on their learning. One of the best ways to support students is to have them complete academic assessments on a regular basis.

Once their strengths are discovered, we must continue to build on those strengths. When their weaknesses are identified, we must work to transition those weaknesses into strengths.

Miracle Math Coaching is looking for proactive parents that only want the best for their child. We focus on providing academic assessments, educational coaching, and many other services that are sure to have your child performing at their best!

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