An Academic Coach Makes All the Difference

AsAccording to a Stanford study, college students who receive academic coaching are more likely to stay in college and graduate.

Professor Eric Bettinger of Stanford’s School of Education and doctoral student Rachel Baker found a 10 to 15 percent retention rate increase among students who had coaches and mentors to assist them in their college careers.  The study looked at 13,500 undergraduate students at eight colleges and universities.

And whether you’re in college, high school or middle school, a good place to start gaining the benefits of an academic coach is through Miracle Math Adventure Summer Camps.  Kidz Adventures Camps are 9-1 pm, Monday through Friday, and the GPA Makeover Camp for middle school and high are10-2 pm, Monday through Friday. They can register online at the Miracle Math Coaching website under “Sign up for Summer,” by phone (707-398-3474, ext. 1) or email to



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