Happy New Year from Miracle Math Coaching!


Thank you for being a part of the most amazing year Miracle Math Coaching (MMC) has had so far.   As we prepare for an even better 2015, here’s a little of what we’re proud of from 2014:

  • Founder and Executive Director Deanna Hurn was elected to the National Tutoring Association’s  Board of Directors.  She’s joined the best minds in the tutoring field to shape the industry’s future.
  • Our incredible academic coaches gave students the tools and support they needed to excel as California rolled out its Common Core State Standards.
  • MMC launched a series of exciting Brain Booster Workshops to give our students even more academic support.   They included “BrainBite Study Power,” “How to Beat Test Anxiety,” “Brain Tactics for Organizational Skills” and “Make Money with Math.”
  • Students packed the classrooms for MMC’s annual Summer Boot Camps, “Miracle Math Adventures” and “GPA Makeover Youth Boot Camps.
  • Thanks to a remodel, our Learning Center’s new layout adheres to research on brain-based learning environments.  Come take a tour!
  • MMC re-launched a more welcoming and exciting website.   Check it out regularly for surprises in store in the coming year.
  • And, best of all, Miracle Math was honored with the 2014 “Best of Fairfield” Award in the category of tutoring centers.

We’re thrilled with the Fairfield honor, and we believe Miracle Math’s one-of-a-kind,  high-quality service extends to ALL of our students – whether they’re from Fairfield, Vallejo, Suisun, Sacramento or beyond.

Thanks again for joining us on this fantastic journey.  Happy New Year!

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