The Homework Ate my Family

Parents and students alike groan about homework.   Students obviously don’t want more school after school.

But some parents think it sucks, too.

The complaint is that it disrupts the household and eats into family time.   Between juggling after-school activities, cooking dinner and finishing chores, who has time for helping your child struggle through Common Core Math?

But homework has its advantages.

The more homework students complete, the greater their academic achievement, according to research conducted by Professor Steven McMullen of Calvin College.

And compared  to students in other countries, Americans receive the least amount of homework – typically less than one hour a day.  That’s according to the Brown Center Report on American Education, which also notes that half of U.S. students are assigned no homework at home, even in middle and high school.

Compare your child’s homework load with the research in this two-minute video from the Brown Center.


How does your child stack up?

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