How Miracle Math Coaching Helped Samai Become a School Superstar!

Samai Wilson is  10 years old and a 6th grader at Holy Spirit School in Fairfield.  Check out how what her Mom, Akosua Demann, has to say about how Miracle Math Coaching helped her daughter succeed in school.

Why did you seek help from the Miracle Math Coaching Program?

Samai has always been a strong student, but I started to notice she was losing her focus.  Once I noticed these changes, I sought help immediately because I did not want to see her grades start trending downward.

Consequently, a friend of mine recommended Miracle Math, and we gave it a try.  It has been one of the best decisions I have made regarding my daughter’s education.  I plan on remaining until she graduates from high school and enters a top four-year university.

What were her grades in math before and after the program?  This varied.  It was not so much the letter grade, but more the lack of interest and love of math. She began dreading math homework, and I became concerned.  After Miracle Math and the wonderful academic coaches, she has a new view of math.

She is performing stronger within the subject, but most of all she is more confident.  That’s what excites me the most.  In fact, I remember an occasion this past school year she came home so excited from school and reported she was the only kid that received 100 percent on a math exam.  Her smile said it all!

Give a specific example of how her school work improved.  She is focused and more motivated.  She takes more ownership of all of her assignments, and has a real desire to succeed.  This past year she had a very strong report card.  She also is continuing to improve with her organizational skills.

What do you like most about the program?  I love the personal feeling of family and teamwork.  From Deanna down, everyone is really invested in the success of your child, and truly cares.

What are your goals for your daughter in the future and how will the program help her reach them?  Ultimately, I want to continue to see Samai remain excited about academics, and continue to develop character and responsibility for her assignments.  I hope this program can continue to teach her the practical applications of math and all of her subjects in real life.

I want the program to continue to nurture her desire to learn.  I want to continue to keep her around other like-minded children and families, so they can motivate one another.  Overall, I would like Miracle Math to partnership with me to “plant the seed.”

Is there anything you’d like to add?   I would tell any parent who is thinking about joining Miracle Math to proceed.  This is a program designed for kids who are already strong academically and want to maintain their success, as well as for children who are still developing.  You will not regret your decision.  This program is also continuing to grow and expand in a positive way.  This is the best time to join!

If you want your child to enjoy  the same success as Samai , sign up for a free Miracle Math assessment today!

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