Leveraging Progress Reports for a Winning Report Card

report cardSchool has been in session for about a month, and teachers will distribute progress reports soon – if they haven’t already.   A few tips are listed below that can help you navigate this busy time. And for individualized, results-oriented help that parents are raving about, contact the Miracle Math Coaching Center (Tip # 3).  Call/text (707-398-3474) or email (info@miraclemathcoaching.com) to schedule a private FREE assessment with our team today! 1.         If you haven’t received progress reports yet, schedule a time to meet with teachers to discuss your performance.   Ask how you’re doing and what you can do even better before reports are issued.   Find out if there are past-due assignments you can submit late, low-scoring tests you can re-take or extra credit you can turn in.   Ensure all future work is turned in on time. Above all else, let them know you are committed to doing whatever it takes to get an A (or a B, if that’s more reasonable). 2.         If you’re disappointed about receiving a bad progress report, don’t be discouraged.   Take the same actions listed above; schedule a time to meet with teachers to discuss your performance, ask them how you can improve, find out if you can submit late assignments, re-take tests or hand in extra credit and, ensure all future work is completed on time.  Most important, let them know you are committed to turning things around before this year’s first report card is issued. 3.         Enroll at the Miracle Math Academic Coaching Center – (707-398-3474).   If you think you can’t afford it, call anyway.  Our team may be able to work with you and your budget.  Do it today.  You can also check with your school or school district office to see if administrators know of low-cost or free alternatives. At Miracle Math, we use a trade secret approach to accurately match up the students to the coaches. This allows the students to enjoy and grow on an academic as well as a personal level. All of our coaches are professional educators with extensive training, who you can respect and trust. From children to teens to adults, your brain is never done learning. And that’s why we love it! Curious how your student’s brain works? Check out the free assessment to learn more or call us at (707) 398-3474.

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