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When to Seek Math Tutoring: The Earlier the Better

Let’s face it. Not everyone is good at math. If your child has had a tough time with mathematics in the past, it might be time to get started with tutoring. The earlier you start, the better off that they will be in the long run.

For the struggling child, in-class learning may be compared to the act of treading water. It takes diligence, perseverance, a massive amount of effort, and a strong commitment in order to successfully stay afloat; however, even the smallest complication or ripple could result in sinking. When this “sinking” starts to occur, many children find themselves struggling to – once again -reach the surface; however, in most instances, this happens so quickly that the sinking process simply occurs faster and faster.

Many families may the mistake of seeking math tutoring when this “sinking” occurs and grades start to suffer. Avoid this problem by simply signing up your child for tutoring now.

Signs That Math Tutoring is Necessary

It is the beginning of a new school year. Teachers are reviewing the school and classroom rules, you are still purchasing all of the necessary supplies, and adjusting to the new schedule. How can you tell – at this point in the game – that it is time for a math tutor? You must base your decision on the previous year’s performance.

There are many parents that obtain math tutoring for the purpose and intent of simply providing a high-performing child with additional support. However, in most instances, tutoring is sought after complications have occurred. The following outlines the signs that math tutoring is necessary:

  1. Your child’s grades in math (and possibly other subjects) started to slip in the previous school year.
  2. Your child is expressing frustration over math, or school in general.
  3. You found that – despite review of the concepts and completing homework in the previous school year – your child was still performing low on tests.
  4. A child exhibits low levels of motivation when it comes to school or mathematics.
  5. Your child has been previously diagnosed with a learning disability.

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Identifying the Ideal Tutor

True, many communities offer tutors that are more than willing to assist your child. In many cases, tutoring resources may be found that are free – such as high school students working to obtain community service hours for scholarships.

While the intentions of these tutors are commendable, mathematics is a subject that takes vigilance and dedication. It is a subject that builds on previously learned skills and concepts. You need a professional tutor that is able to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses, has a solid reputation, works in such a way to encourage brain growth, and provides ample motivation for your child.

This is where Miracle Math Coaching comes into play. Our professionally-trained staff works to ensure that your child learns in a way that is appropriate for their individual strengths and weaknesses.

We engage in brain-based, heart-led learning. If you are seeking to give your child the “edge” that they need, simply contact us today by calling: 


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