Math Tutoring Services for Children with Learning Disabilities (Part 5)

There are several math tutoring services available for children with learning disabilities. In the past four weeks, we have expounded on a variety of issues that cause those with learning disabilities to suffer when it comes to mathematics. We have also outlined how math tutors are able to assist kids with those complications – especially if they suffer from a learning disability. This week, we will continue to highlight academic-based challenges that detrimentally impact a child’s ability to comprehend that which they are exposed. This week, our focus lies on the language that is common to mathematics.

The Math Language
It has been determined that many kids with learning disabilities experience serious complications associated with the math language. As a result, confusion is experienced about the common terminology of the subject, weak verbal skills are displayed as it pertains to overviewing the steps associated with complex-based calculations, and there is often a high level of confusion when it comes to following verbal-based explanations of the subject matter. As with any academic subject, a child must be able to understand and follow directions, present core concepts appropriately, and provide an explanation of their work; however, the child with a learning disability may not be able to do any of this, as it relates to mathematics.

Slower Delivery Pace
When a math tutoring service recognizes a child’s inability to fully grasp the language of math, they will take many steps to assist the kid. One of the most important steps is slowing down the delivery pace. While math tutors will maintain the normal timing in saying phrases and words that relate to the subject matter, they will provide verbal information in chunks. This is most often done when asking the student questions, providing directions to the students, presenting various mathematical concepts to the student, and providing detailed explanations.

Differentiating Between Signals and Meaningful Sentences
When children with learning disabilities look at math problems on a page or a screen, they often just view them as a type of signal that requires an action. Math tutoring services discourage this. In fact, math tutors encourage kids to look at math problems as a type of sentence that has meaning. They encourage kids to see math problems as a sentence that must be “read” in order to understand it. Many tutors have found that kids tend to avoid verbalizing math problems; however, in order to truly understand the concepts at hand, it is advised that kids actually develop the habit of reading problems before and after doing them.

The math tutoring services that are currently available for kids with learning disabilities will approach the concepts of the subject in a variety of ways. Children who experience issues with the math language are often instructed to ensure that they read the problem, confirm understanding, and perform the steps that are necessary to complete the problem. If you have a child that has a learning disability, we here at Miracle Math Coaching are standing by to assist you. We offer a wide array of services that are sure to bring out the best in your child! For more information, click HERE.

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