how miracle math coaching is different

How Miracle Math Coaching is Different

Miracle Math Coaching is quite different than the standard tutoring programs that have existed all throughout history to aid children experiencing academic complications.

Conventional tutoring often offers one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on the skills and concepts that a child is being presented with in the traditional classroom setting; however, the coaching services offered through Miracle Match Coaching takes this several steps further.

The bottom line, though, is that the services are customized to the child – not the concepts in which the child struggles. Our coaching exceeds all expectations in identifying the strengths and the weaknesses of the child and then tailoring the learning environment to each child – as individuals.

Brain-Based Learning

Miracle Math Brain-based learningThe first method utilized to ensure optimal academic success among each student is the use of brain-based learning. Our research has proven that the brain of each child, each teen, and even each adult may be changed. Medically termed “Neuroplasticity”, it is based on the concept that the brain has the ability to change, learn, and grow in many unique ways.

The learning environment that we have created here at Miracle Math Coaching aims to do more than just “teach”. It is focused on delivering a true education to the struggling child so that they are able to develop a sound knowledge base that will allow them the skills and unique ability to grasp, retain, and recall common cumulative subjects – such as math.

Coach-Student Relationships

The next way in which we differ from traditional tutoring programs is that we strive to create a relationship between students and coaches that is intimate, productive, and exceptionally strategic. This relationship and academic-success building strategy is based on a highly-protected and extremely efficient trade secret that is based on the physiology of the brain, the psychology of the child, and a systematic approach to teaching and encouraging the comprehension of challenging subject matter.

Our coaches have a very high aptitude, have the ability to motivate students, and are professional in motivating and cultivating the learning environment.

Miracle Math Curriculum

Student going over Curriculum at Miracle MathFinally, we offer a tailored-based curriculum – complete with specially-designed workshops. Each child learns in a unique manner and faces unique challenges. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to educating a child. Unfortunately, many schools attempt to use this approach.

Of course, if teachers had their way, the means, and the time, they would all customize learning. While this type of education is not commonly exhibited in the traditional classroom, it is available at Miracle Math Coaching. Our workshops are designed to accommodate the lessons that the child receives through our coaches.

These workshops place a special emphasis on cultivating study skills, reading comprehension, and test-taking techniques.

If your child is experiencing academic complications, we’re ready and willing to assist you! To learn more about what we have to offer, simply visit our Home Page or call us today at

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