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Who is Miracle Math Coaching and What Sets Us Apart?

In recent years, Miracle Math Coaching has become a popular name among educators, parents, and students. Who is Miracle Math Coaching? Our tutoring center specializes in brain-based, math-focused, one-on-one coaching in Fairfield. There are many features that set Miracle Math apart from other types of tutoring companies.

For example, our brain-based training coaches are not volunteers. They are highly-trained professionals that are dedicated to ensuring that each child that is presented to them walks away with the skills, tools, and resources to succeed in every area of their academic life.

This article is about Miracle Math Coaching and how we can assist your child in achieving their absolute best!

Development is Top Priority

Like other tutoring centers, Miracle Math Coaching does utilize information derived from test scores and classroom grades to measure performance; however, we extend beyond this to ensure that the development of each child is completely optimized.

The larger focus is placed on the development of the brain, and the training of the brain. The child’s unique ability to learn is analyzed. The information that is obtained about a child is then used to create an individualized learning plan that will help train the brain so that learning becomes easy for the child.

If a child does not develop properly – or, in the way that their brain learns – they are sure to experience complications throughout their educational career.

We know and understand that no two brains are alike – despite popular belief. Numerous scientific studies have concluded this fact. As a result, the center works to personalize each child’s experience.


We believe that a confident child is a successful child. The team works with parents and educators to develop learning assessment scores from each child, tailor the tutoring program for each child, and obtain tools and resources that will help each child learn in the way that their brain learns.

By bringing together a “village” of supporters for the child and giving each child what THEY need – as INDIVIDUALS – that child is sure to become a confident child. As the child’s confidence increases in the program, their confidence will increase in the classroom. The struggle will then cease to exist. As a parent, you will be thrilled as you watch your child thrive!

Miracle Math Coaching isn’t about just making a child a better math student. We aim to change the manner in which your child learns. The regimen, tools, and resources offered have proven – time and time again – that it is completely possible to train the brain for success.

Miracle Math Coaching offers brain-based learning, a completely tailored curriculum, highly strategic coach/student relationships, special math-based workshops, and a membership package that is affordable for all budgets!

If you would like to learn how Miracle Match Coaching can help your child, call us today at (707) 398-3474. Or start an evaluation on our Home Page

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