How Did Miracle Math Help Sabelle Dumas?

Sabelle Dumas was a student at Vanden High School in Fairfield when she was enrolled at Miracle Math Coaching.  Here’s a little about her experience:

1. Why did you seek help from the program?

I was failing Math, and knew I needed to pass the class to keep on track for college.

2. How were you doing in school before the program?

I was excelling in all other subjects but Math .  I was behind in my class work, lost in every lesson and failing tests.

3. What were your grades in math before and after the program?

Before the program, I had a D in Geometry and a GPA of 3.0.  After the program, I raised my Geometry grade to a B+ and increased my GPA to a 3.3.

4. Give a specific example of how your school work improved.

I am not as lost in my Math class.  I am keeping up with the lesson and passing all of my tests.

5. What do you like most about the program?

What I most like about this program is the great help Deanna gave me.

6.  Is there anything you’d like to add?

Deanna is a great person, very friendly, helpful, patient, and welcoming. She provides great help and develops a personal relationship with all of her students and their parents.

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