Which Celebrity would this Academic Coach Want to Teach?

Jessica Gregory is another FANTASTIC Miracle Math Coach.  Here are three questions to help you get to know her better:

1.  If she could coach any celebrity, who would it be and what would she teach?  In my tutoring dreams, I would love to teach my favorite singer, Regina Spektor. I would teach her some of the intricacies of the English language and translatable phrases from her native tongue, because her first language is Russian. Maybe she could teach me some cool things about Russian culture in exchange.

2. What was her most embarrassing moment in a Miracle Math workshop, camp or session?  My most embarrassing moment was when I was teaching a workshop. I had forgotten a student’s name and when I called on her to answer a question, I just called her “girl”. I tried to play it off as “heeeey girrrrl!” but I think it was pretty obvious that I had no idea what her name was!

3. Why does she like coaching at Miracle Math?  Miracle Math is one of the few tutoring establishments that instills a passion into their coaches, which then trickles down to motivate the students to do their best. The one-on-one model is the best for providing both academic and personal support for all students. All in all, it’s a wonderful place to coach and to learn!



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