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MMC Testimonial: Michelle, a Parent

Miracle Math Coaching is such a great option and I’m so happy I used this place to help my children get through their math struggles. I saw my kids grow confident through the tutoring and were soon able to help their classmates! Their grades improved to A’s over time!!!

The one-on-one teaching was the best platform to have my kids clear up any confusion for their homework, to get the “reps” in, and for the tutors to identify math gaps in their learning.

This tutoring place looks at each child’s math foundation of understanding and fills in the bricks. This was extremely helpful for my children to fix their foundation and adjust to different teaching styles in the future.  Once they filled in their gaps, math became possible for them and not a hopeless subject.

Since I had more than one child in coaching, here I saw the different ways each child received and applied the information. We are all different and sometimes we need to hear or see something a different way to really understand the concepts.

Don’t wait and watch your child struggle—use Miracle Math. They’re here to help.

Take Care and Be Safe,


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