kid playing in summertime

Prevent Summer Break Brain Drain by Keeping Your Child Engaged

According to experts, long periods of time away from school can result in the loss of valuable skills and important knowledge; therefore, it is imperative to learn how to prevent summer break brain drain by keeping your child engaged.

kid playing in summertime

In today’s world, there are several districts that have moved from traditional school schedules to year-round schedules; however, in most areas, tradition reigns with the 9-month school in calendar which includes a break during winter, spring, and a long break during the summer months when transitioning from one grade to another.

While the respite is crucial and well-anticipated by children of all ages, it can have both a highly measurable and significantly negative impact on the mental-based acuity of a child. As a result, brain drain is likely to occur.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation….”Plato

Brain Drain Explained

Research has concluded that if the brain is not used regularly, skills and knowledge will be lost. It has been established that most students lose an average of 2 months’ worth of computational (math) skills from that which was previously learned during summer break. Reading deficits have also been noted. If a child is not continuously educated, the brain is – essentially – drained of that which they have learned.

The good news is, this can be prevented and even reversed (if it occurs) by ensuring that a child is engaged in learning over summer break.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Brain Drain?

As a parent, it is critical that you take measures that engage your child in learning and enhance the capabilities of their brain. The following outlines a few of the most successful techniques, according to educators and developmental specialists:

  1. Children should be encouraged to read on a daily basis. Not only does this enhance their reading ability, but, it optimizes their comprehension. This is critical for success in the Language Arts, as well as mathematics.
  2. Field trips are a great way to educate and entertain a child during the summer months. Additionally, it helps bring each family member closer through bonding. There are many state parks, nature conservation areas, zoos, museums, and other places – such as local libraries – that offer specially-designed summer programs for families.
  3. Physical activity is crucial for the development and educational success of a child. Ensure that your child moves around, gets outside in the sunshine, and interacts socially with others their age to create a well-rounded personal, social, and educational experience.

Summer Academic Programs Pull It All Together

Is there a way to accomplish all of the techniques previously mentioned? Yes, there is! There are several summer academic programs that bring it all together. Not only do these ensure that your child is engaged in learning, but they provide kids with the ability to get plenty of sunshine, an abundance of physical activity, and valuable social experiences!

We here at Miracle Math Coaching offer a summer learning camp that will keep your child’s brain optimized and provide them with a jump start on the new school year.

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