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Essential Principles Behind Brain-Based Learning

In recent weeks, we’ve been discussing our services for students struggling with math concepts and skills. However, our strategies far extend math-only assistance.

In fact, we offer academic coaching that is designed to truly empower students in various areas of study. We aid in college preparation, GED acquisition, ASVAB testing, and even job testing services.

We cater to both young students and adult learners. What sets us apart from other tutoring and coaching services is the fact that we offer brain-based learning strategies and techniques. We do more than teach or reinforce memorization skills; we actually assist in the rewiring of the brain to increase comprehension.

In this brief guide, we will share a few of the essential principles behind brain-based learning.

Changes in the Brain

The first – and, perhaps – the most important principles of brain-based learning are the fact that the brain changes. Many believe that, at a certain age, the brain becomes consistent; however, scientists have recently confirmed that our brains can and absolutely do change on a daily basis. This process is officially referred to as “neuroplasticity”.

Miracle Math Coaching encourages reading advancement, skill-building activities, and the expansion of thinking and problem-solving skills in order to enhance the growth of the brain. This malleability of the brain helps a student in math, as well as a multitude of other subjects.

Smaller Learning Chunks

The next principle behind brain-based learning is the fact that teaching content in small-sized chunks is considered to be the most productive teaching approach.

Miracle Math Coaching specializes in passing on information in small clusters so that a student has the ability to successfully comprehend and master that information. We understand that learning consumes a large amount of physical-based resources within the body – such as glucose.

The more the intense the learning, the more stress placed on the body.

In essence, this results in a smaller retention level, over time. We do not overload or overwork our students. In fact, we create a customized learning plan that is personalized on a per student basis.

Movements are Critical

When it comes to brain-based learning, it has been established that movements are critical to success.

Physical activity aids in the development and growth of new neurons. These neurons are correlated to the process of memory, the enhancement of mood, and the process of learning.

Miracle Math Coaching utilizes strategies that enhance the physical movements of their students. This is done so that the brain may grow and expand. Not only does this optimize the neuroplasticity of the brain, but, it makes learning highly enjoyable for all of our students – whether youngsters or adult learners.

If you have an interest in helping a student in your life reach their academic best, you should contact us at Miracle Math Coaching today.

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