Progress Reports and What They Mean

According to research, it has been determined that one of the most critical of all components related to a child’s learning experience is the need to provide well-informed and highly meaningful feedback to the people who have played a role in the investment of that child’s academic progress. The progress report is a form of communication that identifies the child’s progression through their current grade level. It is a way for parents, guardians, and teachers to identify a child’s weaknesses and strengths. It is a form of measurement that outlines how far the child has come and how far they have left to go before comprehending all that is presented to them in a school setting. The main purposes of a student progress report are as follows:

  1. The progress report has the ability to communicate with a student’s parents and/or guardians the academic growth that they have experienced.
  2. The student progress report provides a snapshot of the student’s progress so that the child may evaluate their academic growth and determine areas of improvement.
  3. The progress report is also a means of documenting the academic progress of a student in order to evaluate the overall level of effectiveness of the instructional-based programs that the child is subjected to in their school.

According to the educational system, the progress of students or their individual performance is accurately measured in direct relationship to the standards that have been set at their school; regardless of the peer progress within that facility. A product of the work performed by the student is identified as what the student knows and what the student is considered to be capable of doing at a certain point of time in the academic school year. Furthermore, a progress report is a means of enhancing a child’s achievement level, it identifies the child’s work habits, and it may aid in developing new and improved learning strategies for the child.

Progress reports are not intended as a disciplinary action; instead, these highly detailed reports are designed to outline the strengths and the weakness of the child in correlation to the curriculum that the child is being exposed to. It is an effective means of measuring not only a child’s abilities, but, the school that they are part of. If you would like to see an improvement in your child’s performance on their progress reports, you must first determine where the child requires assistance and then enlist any means necessary to strengthen your child, academically. For more information on progress reports, click HERE.

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