How Smart a Valentine are You?

How much do you know about Valentine’s Day?

1.  What does the word “Valentine” mean?

A.            Sweetheart

B.            Victorious

C.            Strong

D.            Love


  1. What percent of women send themselves Valentines each year?

A.            2

B.            8

C.            15

D.            20


  1. How many states have cities or towns named Valentine?

A.            9

B.            4

C.            15

D.            7


  1. How many Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year?

A.            5 million

B.            100 million

C.            1 billion

D.            5 billion


  1. The actor or actress playing  which member of the Brady Bunch was born on Valentine’s Day?

A.            Mike Brady

B.            Alice, the maid

C.            Greg Brady

D.            Carol Brady


  1. In 1995, the Guinness Book of World Records listed how many couples kissing simultaneously as               a record?

A.            500

B.            1000

C.            1500

D.            5000


  1. Which holiday is the biggest for sending out cards?

A.            Christmas

B.            Valentine’s Day

C.            Mother’s Day

D.            Easter


  1. How many calories per minute do you burn kissing?

A.            2

B.            5

C.            7

D.            11


  1. When is Valentine’s Day in Japan?

A.            February 14th

B.            March 14th

C.            April 14th

D.            June 4th


  1. Consumers will spend how much on average for Valentine’s Day?

A.            $28

B.            $43

C.            $77

D.            $110




1. C) Strong, 2. C) 15 percent, 3. A)  9 (Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, New Jersey, South Carolina, Virginia and Montana), 4. C) 1 Billion, 5. D) Carol Brady (Florence Henderson is the actress.), 6. C) 1500, 7. A) Christmas, 8. A) 2, 9. B) March 14th, 10. C). $77

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