It Takes a Village to Coach a Child

By Deanna Hurn, Founder and Executive Director of Miracle Math Coaching

I spend a lot of time writing about the importance of building a “Village of Support.”   As I’ve emphasized, children benefit if a network of caring adults are in their corner.

And it helps tremendously if each villager plays a very specific role, ie teachers providing instruction and encouragement, sports coaches offering discipline and role models giving children someone to aspire to be like.

On a personal level, you probably have a village of your own.  Just look at your closest friends:  someone provides the shoulder to cry on, another helps you come up with a plan of action, still another is always good for a laugh.

The strongest personal example I can share about the power of a village actually comes from my business.  At Miracle Math Coaching, we believe the least effective way to support your child is by assigning him or her a coach or tutor – and leaving it at that.  Other tutoring services match your child with a tutor and rely on that one individual to do the heavy lifting.

Not so at Miracle Math, where each student has an entire “Village of Support.” These important villagers include:

Executive Director

I’m the first person you meet when you bring your child through our doors.  I conduct a FREE Learning Discovery Evaluation on each potential student to give you and us insight into your child’s strengths, weaknesses and learning style.  The evaluation is my first step in developing a brain-based curriculum suited specifically to how your son or daughter’s brain works.  This is the foundation of our brain-based learning strategy.

I also develop an individual Plan of Action that details from month to month how your child will be coached.  And each month, I meet with parents, student and coach to ensure we’re on track with your child’s learning goals.

Primary and Secondary Coaches

Miracle Math hires only coaches with exceptional instructional experience, ones whom parents will respect and trust.  And we assign coaches to students based upon similar personality types and the field of expertise needed by the student.

Primary coaches follow the plan of action in working with your child.  Secondary coaches also know the plan of action and serve as a second layer of continuity in the very rare occasion when the primary coach is unavailable.

Educational Psychologist

This villager will monitor the progress made during each session to ensure your child is moving in the right direction.  If not, the educational psychologist works with the coach to ensure corrections are made in the very next session.

Student Services Coordinator

The coordinator is charged with ensuring Miracle Math families are receiving the best in quality instruction and care.  They listen to parents, administer surveys to gauge who we’re doing and oversee a great incentive program to keep students motivated.

And Miracle Math has a dedicated and professional administrative staff that keeps the operation running smoothly.  The success our students routinely achieve is the result of Miracle Math’s Village of Support working together to ensure each child reaches his or her fullest potential.

If you want your child to be surrounded by an academic Village of Support, check out Miracle Math.  Take the next step in giving your students a complete village of support by signing up today for a FREE Learning Discovery Evaluation to see where your child stands academically and how we might help:

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Miracle Math Coaching is an award-winning, student-focused service with a track record of boosting academic achievement.

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