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Motivation for Students to Achieve Academic Success

What is the right Motivation for Students to Achieve Academic Success? The family unit is critical to a child’s success – from the point of infancy to the graduation at high school; however, the family unit is not the only aspect of a child’s academic success.

As mentioned in previous posts and in numerous presentations, “it takes a village”. A child needs, depends, and relies upon all members of their family, educators, and various members of the community throughout their academic career in order to achieve success in school.

Children must receive the attention and support of the adults in their lives in order to understand that school is critical to their well-being and their place within the world.

If the adults in a child’s life are paying attention and placing a special focus on the child’s academic success in school, the child will come to learn that it is also worthy of their attention and focus. In turn, progress will be made.

The Benefits of Active Adult Participation

If you want to optimize your child’s academic success in school, you must collaborate with the other adults in the child’s life. You must explain to these individuals that you want them to be a part of the proverbial “village” that you are creating for your child. This means that you should include other family members, family friends, other parents, teachers, guidance counselors, tutors, academic coaches, and others. Once you have established a community for your child, you will start to see the benefits, which may include:

  • Your child may start to obtain higher grades on their assignments and their test scores may prove to be exceptional.
  • Your child may start to enjoy school more. In turn, they will have better attendance and they will be able to complete their homework.
  • Your child will become more self-confident, more positive, and start to exhibit more positive behaviors.

Partnerships Aid in Academic Success

The next strategy in ensuring your child’s academic success in school is to develop special types of partnerships to build upon the “village” that you are attempting to create. The following outlines the tactics for establishing these partnerships:

  1. First, you should establish a solid, positive, and productive learning environment within the home. The home focus should be to support your child as a learner.
  2. The next step to developing a partnership is to communicate effectively and frequently with the other individuals on the team that you have created for your child.
  3. The third step is to volunteer at your child’s school. Not only will this show them that you support their education, but, it will provide you with the unique ability to take a proactive role in their learning.
  4. When children bring in homework and need to study, you should assist your child. If need be, bring in a tutor or a professional academic coach to aid in this endeavor.
  5. Finally, you should collaborate with those within your community that may be able to provide resources and assistance to aid in your child’s academic success.

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