How to Leverage a Fresh Start….A New Semester!

If your child is struggling in mathematics, it may be time to leverage a fresh start in the new semester. Psychologists refer to this as the “Fresh Start Effect”. The studies surrounding this effect have most commonly been associated with resolutions made at the onset of a New Year; however, psychologists claim that this effect may be played upon after any type of temporal-based landmarks. In terms of children, such a landmark would be the beginning of a new semester. By leveraging this effect, it could help a child struggling in mathematics to overcome willpower complications, self-esteem issues, and comprehension – which are all known to detrimentally impact the progression of a child’s skills in math and their understanding of core concepts. If you want your child to excel academically, it is important that you learn how to leverage the “fresh start effect” at the beginning of a new semester.

Math is considered to be a cumulative subject; that is, one concept builds upon another concept. When a child finds that they are lost in the mix of all of the concepts, they may feel as if they will never catch up or understand the subject. The fact of the matter is, most kids are just so overwhelmed with the subject that they block their own progress. By leveraging the concept of a fresh start, a child may regain the motivation and momentum that they need in order to achieve success in mathematics. Each of us has numerous opportunities throughout life to start fresh with a perfectly clean slate. When the new semester rolls around, we have the ability to encourage our children to take advantage of their fresh start. Most kids secretly wish that they were fluent in all of their academic subjects and want to improve. This is part of their personal goals. By encouraging them through the leveraging of a fresh start, you can help them realize that it IS possible to make their wishes come true and it is possible for them to succeed in all of their academic-based goals.

At Miracle Math Coaching, our professionally-trained tutors are equipped to aid you in helping your child leverage the opportunity of a fresh start. By now, you have probably grown incredibly frustrated with the fact that your child is experiencing problems and you are unable to provide them the exact help that they require. Of course, you do not show this side to your child, but, we are sure that you are experiencing it. We know and understand your frustration. In fact, we believe that it is just as important for a parent to leverage the benefits of a fresh start as it is for a child to leverage a fresh start. If you have the desire to see your child excel and your child is ready to accept the challenge, simply contact us today for more information on the products and services that we offer by clicking on the following link:

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