The Growth Mindset Sets the Tone for Positive Performance in Academics

The growth mindset is an increasingly powerful concept that aids in setting the tone for positive performance among students in academic subjects, such as mathematics. Throughout history, many – both young and old – have held the belief that each of us is either born with a brain that is able to understand and perform mathematics, or, we are not. In fact, research has established that each and every single person has the unique ability to understand and perform mathematics. This is because of the fact that the brain has an incredible level of plasticity. If you have a desire to see your children excel in their academics or, more specifically, math, it is imperative that you push them to accept the concept of the growth mindset. In this guide, you will learn about this amazing concept.

We ARE What We Think
We have all heard the old saying, “we are what we eat”. As kids, we often approached this saying with lighthearted humor. In recent years, though, we have learned that we are not so much of what we eat, but, we ARE what we think! If our children approach mathematics with the attitudes and the belief that they lack the “brain”, “skill”, and/or “talent” to excel in the subject, they are sure to experience a vast array of challenges. These thoughts, these beliefs…they will hold a very strong influence over the level of achievement in math that our children experience. We must learn, as parents, that we ARE what we think. We must then pass this information on to our children. They must know that if they believe that math is hard or that they are unable to do it, their performance will render those results.

The Growth Mindset
According to numerous studies, kids that believed that they were smart, could increase their intelligence, and develop their intelligence were kids that achieved high levels of success in their academics, particularly mathematics. This is what the growth mindset is all about! This particular mindset encourages children to believe that they are able to increase their math ability. Then, it encourages them to look at learning as a goal, not as a struggle. Kids that have the growth mindset are better able to succeed in all that they aspire because of the fact that their belief in their abilities is completely optimized. They are confident. They are positive. They are highly productive. Even if it takes a little hard work, a lot of time, and even if mistakes are made, those kids that believes in their ability to learn and grow, do learn and grow.

The growth mindset is highly productive to students that are struggling in math. This mindset allows the child to explain the difficulties that they are experiencing, without fear of shame, ridicule, or feeling “dumb”. If your child is struggling in math, we here at Miracle Math Coaching can help them develop the growth mindset that is imperative to their success in the subject. To learn more, simply click HERE.

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