no two brains are alike

No Two Brains Are Alike

According to scientific data, no two brains are exactly alike. Many educators, parents, and students are unaware of this fact; however, it has recently been proven. Researchers have established that our brains have the same level of uniqueness as our fingerprints. Anatomically-speaking, each of our brains is very similar to one another.

Each brain consists of a collection of water, neurons, blood vessels, synapses, and fat; however, when it comes to the manner in which the brain works, each is completely different. Just as we have distinctive fingerprints, we each have our own cognitive fingerprint.

In fact, the uniqueness from one brain to another is so remarkable that it is now possible to tell people apart by observing the patterns associated with the brain activity and the manner in which the regions of the brain communicate with each other.

The Study

Researchers at Yale University performed the study. As part of the study, the specialists used functional-based magnetic resonance imaging to study – in detail – the brains of those that participated. The individuals that were part of the study had scans performed on different occasions.

This provided the scientists with the unique ability of mapping activities across approximately 268 different regions of the brain. When participants in the study were asked to solve problems, it was found their brain fired differently. Each person had their own patterns when it came to brain activity.

Eventually, it got to the point where the researchers were able to tell each person apart by simply observing the firing patterns and activities taking place within the brain.

The Long-Term Advantages of the Information

This study has concluded that each brain performs distinctly in its own way. This is highly valuable information to medical professionals. This is especially true of those that specialize in treating neuropsychiatric diseases. This is also important to educators and developmental specialists.

Now that we know that no two brains are alike, we know the importance of that impact on learning and development. For example, we learn that no two kids have the capability of learning alike. If no two brains are alike, that means that no two kids have the ability to learn and/or develop in the same manner.

Miracle Math Coaching Recognizes the Cognitive Fingerprint

Despite the fact that conclusive evidence is just being released that confirms that we each have different brains, Miracle Math Coaching has known and understood the fact that we all have a unique cognitive fingerprint that is all our own. For years, the company has created a variety of educational materials and techniques that are designed to reach kids on unique levels.

If your child is experiencing bouts of complications when it comes to their academics, Miracle Math has the capability of helping them overcome those problems. All it takes is one-on-one assessments and a collaboration between the educational coaches and parents to create a learning program that is designed – specifically – for a child’s brain. Learning is not simply memorizing facts.

It is training the brain.

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