Today’s Weaknesses May Become Tomorrow’s Strengths

Throughout the Month of August, we here at Miracle Math have expounded on a multitude of topics. We firmly believe that it “…takes a village” to raise a child.

By combining our knowledge and experiences with the current educational system, the hot topics of grade inflation and passing along, learning how to reach out for second opinions, and knowing how to improve the future of education, we are capable of making the weaknesses that our kids have today, tomorrow’s strengths.

In this brief guide, we are going to review the articles that we published throughout August. Being that the new school year is now upon us, we feel that it is important to reinforce the information that we have shared with you.

If you are ready to experience success in training your child’s brain (as no two brains are alike), we highly recommend going through the posts outlined below:

Grade Inflation: “A” is The New “Average”

In this comprehensive guide, we outline the fact that schools are now using grade inflation. Letter grades once served as a means to benchmark a child’s academic success. That is no longer the case. Researchers have now learned that grades no longer provide an accurate reflection of their proficiency within a subject. Today, teachers are no longer grading on academic performance.

Often, they will grade based on the student’s ability, their behavior, their attitude, as a means to control the student, and to motivate “troubled” students. Click on the title to learn more about grade inflation and what you can do to ensure that your child only earns that letter grade which accurately reflects their academic progress.

5 Ways Smart Parents Prepare Their Child for the New School Year

As your child returns to the classroom this school year, they have a “clean slate”, so to speak. As a parent, there are several wonderful steps that you may take to ensure that your child has the best school, yet! These steps include parent/teacher communication, learning about the new common core standards utilized by schools, and establishing a routine.

Click on the title above to learn how you can make a distinctive difference in your child’s life this school year.

Academic Assessments: Insight to Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses

You must build a village of support in order to ensure that your child has a top-notch education. In this article, we inform you how academic assessments may be used to provide a solid amount of insight into where your child is academically excelling and where your child is falling short.

You will also learn how high expectations will lead to exceptional results. Be sure to click the title above to learn how to use all of those standardized tests to your advantage!

The Future of Education – Your Role as a Parent

In this article, you will learn how parents have the unique ability to positively shape the future of education. It is a known fact that the educational system has its fair share of issues. Parents have been losing confidence in the system for years.

Now, learn what you can do to ensure that the future of the system positively impacts our kids by clicking the title above.

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